A & K Group Consulting Inc.

  1. Will locate the most ideal location for your business:

Research into: Income range of residents in a neighborhood,
Ethnic Distribution,
The Number of Guests expected,
The number of nail salons within a mile.

  1. Nail salon business strategy consulting.
  2. Store Operations Management consulting.
  3. Budgeting for construction and cost analysis of the chair
  4. Consultation for financing options
  5. Financial consulting for all types of Businesses.
  6. Consulting services for all construction and architectural projects.
  7. Developmental Consulting (i.e. Real Estate Development projects)

A& K Group has been involved in more than 300 construction projects, both small and large, including the Renovation of the New York Consulate Office.  We offer the quality you can trust and are leaders in our field, offering innovative ideas to fit your business’s needs. A&K Group will bring experience and quality to help you to further develop your business and help to increase the value of your brand.