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(News from EL UNIVERSO) Puná Island-Ecuador, for a better future Korean group, wants the island of the province of Guayas to grow in economic, labor, and social matters.

Raise a city of the future in Ecuador, boosting the economy in the Latin American region, which will be the economic and social base. That is the goal of A&K Group Development Inc., a Korean construction company based in the United States. Due to its strategic location, Puná, an island in the Guayas province, has […]

Letter to the President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso.

Hello, congratulations on the inauguration of the president. This is Steve Choi from A&K GROUP DEVELOPMENT in New York. We complete the 20 years of research and development plan for the Ecuadorian project. We are planning to start the project next year by securing investment funds with investors by advertising within this year. After 20 […]