Letter to the President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso.

Hello, congratulations on the inauguration of the president. This is Steve Choi from A&K GROUP DEVELOPMENT in New York. We complete the 20 years of research and development plan for the Ecuadorian project. We are planning to start the project next year by securing investment funds with investors by advertising within this year. After 20 years of research and meeting with many investment companies, if the Ecuadorian government cooperates as follows, this project can be carried out and completed successfully. 1. First of all, the Ecuadorian government will be able to earn US$50 billion from the project within three years, and we will be able to earn more than US$30 billion in tax revenue every year from three years on. And three years after this project, we’ll give out a total of $100 billion, 50,000 for each head of the household. 2. Within five years, we can build more than 1,000 production plants in Ecuador to solve the unemployment rate of Ecuadorians. 3. Within 30 years, Ecuador’s per capita income will be more than $100,000. 4. It will become a technology powerhouse within 30 years after receiving technology transfer from Korean companies. 5. Ecuador becomes the largest economy in Latin America within 30 years (as a result of Korean companies investing in China 30 years ago, China is now the world’s second-largest economy). 6. Within 20 years, it will be an advanced country in education. 7. Within 20 years, it will become an advanced country in health care and welfare. 8. If this project is carried out, within three years, a Latin American Union like Europe will be formed, and the currency will be unified into cyber money. 9. President Guillermo Lasso will be the first President of the United States of Latin America. 10. Ecuadorian companies are fast-paced with South Korean companies It becomes economic development. 11. I have a secret to successfully proceed with this project. ————-For cooperation with the Ecuadorian government. 1. The city to be built in Isla Puna should be a special city that can be used together by the Latin American Allies. 2. In production plants, unions should not be formed for 30 years. 3. Labour should not rise by more than 5% per year over 20 years. 4. The city’s official language should be Spanish, English, and Korean. 5. Currency should be commonly used in FS electronic currency, US dollars, and Korean won. 6. Investments coming in from abroad should be taken out freely. 7. Production plants must be exempt from income tax for 15 years. 8. The production plant must be exempted from the value tax for 15 years. 9. The production plant must be exempt from tariffs for 15 years. 10. The land on which the industrial city will be built (El Santa Erena, Bosoha, and the Ecuadorian government to buy land in Isla puna). We need to work together to make sure that our company can purchase more than 70% of the land for less than $50,000 per hectare. 11. Isla Puna land should not be a buy and sell transaction ***** After the infrastructure is built by our company, we will give free land to developers so that they don’t have to pay for free land use to individuals or businesses. First of all, we will pay $50 billion to the Ecuadorian government within three years when this project. And the Ecuadorian government could raise more than $30 billion in tax revenues every year after three years. SF city will provide free use of land to developers after building infrastructure in our company so that there is no burden of land purchase. The cooperation of the above conditions must be made with the funds of Korea. Technology can move to Ecuador. If you add the above information and MOU with A&K group Development INC, we will recruit investment companies and factories within this year and start the project next year. *** I have 7 secrets that can make this project 100% successful. I have a line of connections with the help of former UN President Ban Ki-moon. I have a connection with the help of former US President Obama. ***** I have an idea that will allow more than 30 million Koreans to invest in this project. In order for Ecuadorians to make Ecuador an advanced country, an Ecuadorian must be held to make the same city like Hong Kong. Even after Isla puna is developed, nature reserves and shrimp farms can be protected, and only 30% of Isla puna land is developed and the remaining 70% is preserved in its natural state. If the Ecuadorian referendum on developing Isla puna into a self-governing city like Hong Kong is passed, we’ll be on Wall Street in the U.S. $500 billion this year and next year. We, A&K group, have been working on the income from the project. Ninety percent promise to establish a welfare foundation and use it to shed light on the dark side of the world. ******* We chose Ecuador as the number one candidate for the SF city project development among Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru. The President of Ecuador is urging the people of Ecuador to vote and decide by October on the development of Isla Puna as a self-governing independent administrative city like Hong Kong. If God wants this project we can start next year.    

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