Sf City Project YouTube announcement

1. About Isla puna natural landscape
The isla puna that we will develop, the current natural landscape and area is about 100,000 hectares, there are about 1,000 shrimp farms, and 10,000 workers are working. The sea system is inhabited, and there is a gas resource on the island, so it is being developed now. This is a
reference tourist area. From the largest city in Ecuador, there is a course where a cruise ship goes around the island. It takes 30 minutes by boat to reach the mainland, and you can also
explore the island with a helicopter. Facilities and free trade industrial complexes are being built, and a new airport site has also been decided.

2. Development status of port facilities and free trade zones.
At present, the port facilities have been completed in the vicinity of the project land (10 to 40km) that the Ecuadorian government is going to proceed with, a new airport site where jumbogi can sit has been secured, and a public service cost of $1.5 billion has been secured. Also, by declaring the free trade industrial city we demanded, a free trade industrial complex has been created, and the resident factories are under construction and some have been completed.
On July 24 this year, the President of Ecuador visited the development area and here is relationship video
*relationship video
Video introducing port facilities and free trade industrial parks on the coast of Isla puna

3. Ecuador Introduction of the best country for foreigners to live (8th in the world)
Ecuador is always ranked in the top 10 in the world in the list of best countries for foreigners to live every year.
I am relative to foreigners and the security is stable
Education is high, the Internet and communication networks are generally good.
Cultural facilities are also very open and the cost of food, clothing, and shelter is on the cheap side. A family of five can live a middle-class life for $2,000 a month, and it is a very democratic country.
The reason is that if the president has corruption or fails to lead the government well, even in the middle of his term in office, there are many cases where the people step down from the presidency.
YouTube broadcast of a good country for foreigners to live Shocking rankings! May 2021, Top 10 best countries to live in by foreigners.

4. Tour course
Gala Pagol Inca Civilization Site Introduction to Peru Tourism Area
Ecuador is close to hiding oil and wine, and it is also the birthplace of the Inca civilization.
It is a country with the famous Galapagos Islands, which is the only place that has not evolved in yet.
There are many European-style cities and Peru is adjacent, so it is very convenient as a tourist course and there are many things to see and eat.

5. Introduction of each part of the SF city design contest
In order to create a building suitable for the future city of space, we are going to hold a design competition in each field of architecture at the World Institute of Technology.
* The field of competition *
1) Park Landscaping and Road Landscaping
2) outdoor stage with the sea in the background
3) Create a theme park on 1 million square meta
4) Indoor ice rink and ski area
5) casino and hotel
6) flora and fauna and aquarium
7) golf course
8) 100,000 spectators soccer field
9) passenger airfield
10) offshore payroll marina
11)  world folk village
12) high speed rail history
13) SF Experience Center
14) resort

*Award in each field*
Amount awarded in each field
1. Special Award * 10 million dollars
2. gold medal * 7 million dollars
3. silver award. * 5 million dollars
4. frostbite. * 3 million dollars
5. Encouragement Award. * 2 million dollars
6. Participation Award * 500,000 USD

6. SF city 2nd protect 3,000 production plants industrial facility planning using the geographical advantage of facing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans of Colombia and industrial city development with a population of 10 million and the Caribbean Coastal resort town development planner Build a second sf industrial facility city to expand industrial facilities for the Central and South American national economic union

* A letter to the President of Colombia for the development of the region
● To Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez outgoing message
Hello, President Ivan Dougae
My name is Steve Choi from Ak group in New York.
And I am the person who planned the Ecuador SF city project.
SF city project was planned to develop only one region in Ecuador and surrounding areas.
This is a plan designed to prevent the tragedy of Latin American people crossing the Mexican border by developing all countries in Central and South America so that all countries in Latin America can become prosperous like Europe.
Ecuador project starts in Colombia within one year
We want to create a second SF industrial city (future space industrial city) facing the Atlantic Ocean, which is a geographical advantage.
As in the master plan, we will build 3,000 production plants, create an industrial city with a population of 10 million, and develop the beautiful Caribbean coast as a resort, making it a preferred resort for people around the world.
And by making Colombian anti-religious groups into project partners to become organizations that produce quality products.
Let’s bring true peace to Colombia.
Ivan Duque Marquez
I ask the President to take this project seriously and take the lead so that high-quality
production plants can be built in all countries in Latin America.

7. 31. 2021 Steve Choi

We signed an MOU with www.distasa.com, a semi-state-owned power company, as a Colombian partner for this Colombia project. is provided free of charge and private land is a condition to purchase, and our company is a condition for recruiting and financing investment companies
This project may be started earlier than the Ecuadorian project depending on the conditions.
The project will start at the end of 2022 at the earliest. It will start as early as March 2022.
We are going to make this project by issuing SF coin (development funds). We will start with the construction of factory land and a tourist resort city on the Caribbean coast.
The next step will be launching an industrial complex with a population of 10 million people.

7. High-speed rail and highway connections between 18 countries in Latin America

*Introduction of the plan*
As soon as the Ecuador project starts, the construction of the high-speed road and high-speed rail connected to the Colombia project will begin. High-speed rail also creates a network of high-speed rail connections that can deliver one-day delivery across the United States on high-speed rail at the Mexican production plant.
At the same time, we will start a line connecting Venezuela and Brazil after Peru, Chile, and a line connecting Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. will do The road network of all countries in Latin America will be connected, going beyond the United States and Canada to Russia.

8. Central and South 18 countries industrial facility plan by country We will create an industrial city that can produce products with economic power that fit the characteristics of each country, while simultaneously starting the road network for each country as much as possible in Central and South America. The development of industrial cities in each country will be developed by investment by Korean companies.
Of course, we will develop it with companies and partners in each country so that we can acquire all Korean technologies and savings.

9. Central and South America 18 Countries Union Economic Community Plan
First of all, we will institutionalize the use of the Central and South American Union unified electronic money like in Europe.
Electronic money is distributed with the population and economic size of each country as collateral . Each country will institutionalize it so that it is not possible to increase the issuance of the approved business by the federated financial group. Each country can increase the initially allocated electronic money by calculating the export income and the developed underground resources and increasing it with the approval of the federation finance.
All personal financial information can be accessed through biometric (face eye fingerprint) implantation.

10. Central and South America 18 Countries Union Currency Cyber Money Plan

11. 18 Central and South American countries to create artificial islands in Isla puna development of administrative districts.
Introduce at the start of the project
In the middle of friction with Isla Puna, an artificial island is created, and the floating island is made using iron and wooden concrete piles.
It is designed and constructed so that it becomes a structured building where you can enjoy the sea view from each house, each building, and the garden.

12. Introduction to the construction of a stock exchange and financial town within Isla puna
Under the 200-story hotel floor, a global financial network gluttony is created to enable financial traders to obtain global financial information on a large screen to make financial transactions, and to select promising prospects to make it the system’s exchange to return a lot of income to customers.

13. Introduction of the space travel aerodrome development plan Create and operate space travel airships in partnership with space travel pioneers or Russian or Korean space centers

14. Introduction of the plan for the development of a mansion to be sold to world-famous celebrities and celebrities by constructing 100 mansions with a sale price of 300 million dollars Build a mansion complex on an artificial island
mansion characteristics
1) Let the yacht go down from the yard of the house to the sea directly below.
2) In case of a tsunami, each room should float above the water to function as a yacht or be a safe room like a space cloak.
3) A telephoto lens dome is installed on the ceiling of the room to observe the universe from the bed.
Install a TV screen on the ceiling of your feet so that it becomes a bed in which you are going to watch an IMAX movie while lying on the bed. The screen is connected to CCTV in every corner of the house so that you can see it.
4) Create a Sea Tap that can get you from home to the airport in 3 minutes with a vacuum chute.
5) We build a mansion on the golf course so that we can enter the golf course directly from the house, so that we can ride a cart from home to the golf course, and enjoy the view of the golf course from home.
6) Make sure doctors and nurses arrive in 5 minutes in case of an emergency at home
7) Create a social space so that you can socialize
8) Ensure that outsiders are controlled by a thorough security system team

15. Introduction of special benefits given to SF city citizens
1) Free education for all courses up to university master’s degree
2) free medical care
3) public transport free
4) Free use of health club
5) 3% interest per year on bank loans (6% for non-citizens)
6) 30% subsidy on cruise world travel

16. Daily introduction of SF city project progress
During the first YouTube broadcast, the contents of the table and the date of the visit will be announced until the 16th broadcast above.
Prepare for broadcasting by making a video one week before the contents of the above contents
Daily immigration application job application investment application production plant relocation application status announcement
Planning Date July 19, 2021
Planner Steve Choi

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